Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cards, Cake and Chaos

Yesterday was the Life Learner Exploraganza on Artist Trading Cards. ATCs are little works of art that you create and then trade with other ATC artists. So, we supplied the cards and lots of art supplies and went to town creating some art. The kids had no problem cranking out many wonderful little works of art. Us moms had a considerably less prolific output, to say the least. Anyway, here are the girls and some friends working on their cards:

Since, E's birthday is this week and she is not having a big party with all her friends, she wanted to share some birthday cake with the Life Learners. She wanted a koala cake and that is what she got! I had a lot of fun making it:

She found me a picture I could copy, with some artistic license, and was thrilled with the results! Here she is blowing out her candles:

The chaos part of my title is just how much fun the kids had yesterday! We managed to trash our friends' house, but put it all back in the end. It was a good day. I caught this sunset on the way home, and thought the way the sky lit up was cool:


P@ said...

Wow! That koala cake is really amazing looking!

Happy Birthday, E!

Kristin said...

What a fabulous cake! Can you come make cakes for me? Happy Birthday!