Monday, October 16, 2006

Around and Around the Loom We Go

Where we'll stop nobody knows. I bought the girls a set of round knitting looms the other day and A took to it like a fish to water. She has made herself a hat, two little hats for her dolls and is presently working on a hat for someone for Christmas. I managed to squeeze in time on the looms to make a hat for myself and E . It is very easy and very fun to crank out knitted stuff so fast! Here is A working away on a hat for her baby doll:And here she is wearing her hat:

She is very interested in handwork right now. The other day she learned on her own to braid and for two days braided everything that would let her. Then she wanted me to help her remember to finger knit, since her friend had showed her but she forgot. So, for a few days she made everyone finger knitted bracelets and necklaces. You can hers on her in the first picture above. At the conference there was a funshop for round loom knitting, but we never made it to that one. Our friends did and they inspired A with their hats, so I got the looms.

It has been interesting to watch the blossoming of her skills, in their all of a sudden way. Kids just become able to do something, literally overnight! Imagine if I had been trying to teach her these things before she was ready! *gasp* I think we would have killed each other. Case in point, before I got the looms, I thought she would be into learning to crochet. So, I tried to teach her. That was a few very frustrating minutes, to the point of C coming in to the room to ask that I back off! She was not interested or capable enough yet and it pretty much turned her off to crochet for a while, I believe. We'll see. She did manage to do a couple stiches, or whatever you call it, and then I had to go somewhere. She was not begging to continue when I got home! Good thing I came home with the looms. And the rest is history...

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