Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Birthday E!!!

My baby is SIX today! How in the world does that happen, I ask you? Darned if I know.

Anyway, we had a nice day. C got to take the day off, last minute surprise, so we had a family breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon. Then E opened her presents from us and the one from her Aunt K that the mailman dropped off as we were making breakfast . We got her a Groovy Girl, with clothes, and the Barbie Mermaidia DVD. Pretty simple, but what she asked for. She also got, over the last week from other family, a pink Barbie guitar, some kids gardening stuff, some clothing, some cash and a savings bond, and a Littlest Pet Shop set. She is very focused on the gifts right now and was pleased with her haul!

We hung out as a family for a while, then got ready to go out for her big birthday event, the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. We were meeting another family there at 5 and of course got stuck in traffic on the highway. But once we got there, the fun began! There were four girls and they all wanted to do everything together, even if an adult needed to go on the ride with them, or the ride only had three spots, instead of four. That was a challenge to be sure, but we managed somehow.

That is E in the middle, racing down the big slide. We all had a nice time and I think E would declare this a good birthday. She is just excited to be six!! I'm looking forward to what this year has in store for her. It will be fun to find out!!


cecile & michael said...

Happy Birthday E! We miss you!

Flo said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Loving the cake, too.