Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ren Faire

We went to the renaissance Faire yesterday with our friends, courtesy of free tickets from the dad's work. The girls had fun browsing the shops filled with all things fairy and fantastic. We did not go in costume, but had fun looking at all the people who were in costume and character. I enjoyed Pan/Puck so much I had to get a picture with him. He spoke only goat, so it was a no go for the girls to join us in the picture. They thought he was weird, too weird!

We got in trouble for taking the picture of E in the witches hat. Oops! Not like I was going to buy it anyway. Geez. They did have a wizard hat that looked just like the Harry Potter sorting hat. That was really cool.

The girls and their friends had fun poking their heads in these cool scenes. That is E the fairy princess and A is the jester. How appropriate.

I was intrigued by the people who were there in costume and character who were camping out in the park for the faire. They were living in "period" dress and everything. We saw Vikings and Pirates and other folk I can't place in history. It made me want to research all the time periods to see what was really renaissance and what wasn't. It was very much a hodge-podge at the faire, but fun nonetheless. I felt bad for them all when it began to rain and proceeded to rain hard for most of the night! Before the rain chased us home, the girls enjoyed watching the belly dancers perform. And , of course, we came home with souvenirs.

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