Monday, October 16, 2006

Red Rock

Sunday is usually the day we have church, but services were cancelled this week. So, we decided to head to Red Rock for some hiking. It was a gorgeous day. We had a great time exploring the rocks and having a picnic out in nature. Since we had quite a big rainstorm yesterday morning, there was water everywhere! The desert was so fresh from the rain. We saw a baby red spotted toad. He was so cute. We let him go after I got a good picture, even thought E wanted to keep him, of course. She loves all things reptile/amphibian. Go figure. My girly girl loves lizards and frogs and snakes. I was tripping over the cool holes that were found in the rocks everywhere. The ones in the picture below look like the face of a laughing ghost. I was really trying to get the holes inside the mouth. They reminded me of the cliff dwellings in the four corners area, in minature. Anyway, it was a good day! Enjoy the pictures:

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