Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm Not Weird, AM I?

Ha! Yes I am, too, weird. Aren't we all? Look around the unschooling blogosphere lately and you'll find many a blogger revealing their weirdness to all who care to read. Yep, another one of those blog memes, infecting us all with it's quasi virus-like ability. Seems I've "caught" it from Chris at Zamozo and now I will do my duty and divulge six weird things about me. When done with that I am to "infect" six more bloggers by leaving them a comment asking them to share the weirdness. Long live the weird meme!

1. I like to eat ice tea mix. I make a paste and drink lots of water as I eat it, thereby effectively ingesting a glass of ice tea. At least that is what I tell myself...

2. I like to play with silly putty. I used to make a putty from glue to play with, but they changed the formula, so it does not work like it used to. I read somewhere that needing to keep your hands busy is actually a form of oral fixation. If my hands are not busy, I tend to nibble on something. I blame my mother's sudden weaning of me at four months of age.

3. When I eat a candy bar, I eat each part separately. For example, a Snickers would get it's chocolate eaten off first, then the nougat, then the peanuts in the caramel, finishing with the caramel. It takes me a comparatively long time to do this, as you might imagine. Another piece of the oral fixation puzzle, I guess. And, no, I do not smoke.

4. I can write backwards, in cursive. Backwards and upside down, too. In much nicer handwriting then my regular writing, in fact. I used to write notes to my boyfriends like this, so no one would be able to read it while I was writng it (in class, of course!). You have to hold it backwards up to the light or a mirror to read it.

5. I cannot throw away or otherwise get rid of a book. Even if it should be burned (the What to Expect books come to mind...)! My library shelves are full of every book I have ever owned and since I read voraciously, I am fast running out of shelf space! I do like to loan out my books and don't fret if I don't get them back.

6. My husband and I really, truely, enjoy each other and I really, really, enjoy my girls. I would rather hang out with my family, just BEing together, than do anything else in the world. Pretty sad that most of the country would think that weird, huh?

OK, I am spreading the love to Flo, Stephanie, Sissi, Sandra, Annette, and heymom.


sissi said...

It's done:)

cecile said...

I remember making silly putty with you back in Ithaca when we were young using wood glue! I also remember the ice tea mix---still don't know how you can eat that stuff. Nice to know that some things never change!