Monday, April 30, 2007

Did I Mention She Can Read?

Remember when I said less than a month ago that E was not ready to start reading yet? Well, I can't say what day it was recently, forgot to mark it down for all posterity, but she came to me one evening carrying the Bob Books. She asked me to help her read them. So I did. Only I did not have to help much! She easily made it through the first 4 books before tiring of it. Today she picked up one of them and looked at a few pages. I heard her say to herself, "Yup, I remember how to read!" So much for my predictions, huh?


Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

It's great to hear your dd is reading! I'm still waiting on mine but not pushing too hard at least LOL

Brenda Marie
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Flo said...

Yeah for E!

Summer said...