Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Day

Flowers and greens ready for crown making

Today at park day we made flower crowns to celebrate May Day AND the 3 year anniversary of the Life Learners. I can't believe we have been doing this group for that long, and yet it feels like forever, too. I could not handle living here without the friends I have made through running this group. It has been awesome! It was a great day of good play and good conversations, as always!
Here are the girls with the crowns I made them:

Here's to many more years, whether I am here to run things or not, of great support for the unschoolers in this city! Happy 3rd, LVLL!!

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Justine said...

Happy Anniversary LVLL! Thanks for being there when I needed you!

P@ said...

Wow! 3 years already! I certainly miss the days I was able to attend Life Learners functions on a regular basis.

Here's to many more years for the best unschooling community in Vegas! :)