Friday, June 01, 2007


"It's the end of the world as we know it"

The above video is a trailer for a new documentary called What a Way To Go, Life at the End of Empire. My good friend Stephanie brought it to my attention and we have been conversing thru email. Here is an excerpt of an email I sent her today:

I feel like there is Truth to a lot of the law of attraction - especially as Abraham describes it - and at the same time I know we are missing the point of it if we are going to be focused on more, more, more. The idea that we CAN do something does not mean that we SHOULD has been running through my mind. It is obvious to me that we are powerful beings. Just look at the destruction we have wreaked! So, I know we are capable of so much. The trick will be gaining some wisdom about the whole deal and choosing wisely to use our power for the good of the whole living community. And a little humility about our “greatness” would be good, too. I think we do so much from a place of surety about our actions and their effects, but we really DON'T know what we are doing and how it will affects things, you know? If we could just admit that we are NOT sure and manage to NOT act and give it all some time to settle out, we could make wiser choices as a species.
I’m thinking of that song by Imogen Heap on the cd you made me, Let Go. “There is beauty in the breakdown.” Bring on the collapse! Life IS good.

Anyway, thought I would share, at the risk of looking like the crazy fearmonger with the sign that declares "The End of the World is Nigh!" It is a risk I am willing to take.

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Sally Erickson said...

It is not surprizing to me that, like you, I was an unschooling mother for many years!

Thanks for your thoughtfulness about the Law of Attraction. One way I have pondered it is in the reverse: If we want to get in touch with what is REALLY going on in the collective unconscious of the human species, look at what we have attracted: a situation where we are in the midst of a major extinction event and we are not far down on the list.

Tim and I have been called fearmongers. It's a risk, as you say, one takes to speak the truth you have been given to speak. But the truth will make us free.

Tim has a series of blogs about "Cheermongers and Hopefiends" you might enjoy.

Take care. Your children are beautiful!

Best wishes,
Sally Erickson
What A Way To Go