Friday, June 08, 2007

Like the New Look?

Thought I would play with the new blogger capability for putting an image in your header. And one thing led to another....

Last weekend when I was struggling with how to move forward with my new world view, C said something to me that got me thinking. He asked me why I always have to be doing/learning/exploring something new. Why can't I just be happy with who and where I am?

Well, I guess it is like this blog here. Sure, I really liked the last look I created for the blog, otherwise I would not have made and displayed it. But there comes a time when something new calls to me and I grow restless with the old. My creative juices start flowing and I have learned to flow with them, as ephemeral as they tend to be.

Life is like that for me. There comes a time when I have to start something new. When I choose to revamp my life to accommodate all the new tidbits that have slowly become part of me. It is not that what came before is bad or unworthy. After all, it got me where I am now, right? It is just that life means change, no matter how much you want to settle in and stay comfortable with the status quo. Life is change is growth is life. Anything less would be a form of death.

Maybe it's just me. Or just people like me who tend to question everything and explore and constantly learn and strive to be better, not because we feel "less than" but because it is fun. Maybe we are different from most people who appear to be content with the status quo, never questioning why they do what they do. Maybe that is why I am an unschooler. And why it seems so easy for me to "get it".

Not everyone can unschool their kids. You have to have a drive to learn and make life interesting. You have to find joy in something new. You can't be content with what is, never questioning anything. Questions lead to answers which add up to learning and more questions. And THAT, my friends, is the basis for an education. An education made up of answers only is no education. State approved answers, crammed in tight, held in place by fear of not measuring up. That, my friends, is no way to educate the future.

Speaking of the future... Never before has what comes next been so uncertain, so surely challenging, and never before have we needed to be prepared for such an imposing unknown. An education of answers only won't serve our children in the coming times. They need to be able to question everything, and to be able to think out of the box, and to be always striving to make things better. Business as usual got us into this mess, and business as usual will NOT get us out of it.

New blog designs, new ideas, new experiences, new ways to live on this planet. My children see every day how to shake things up and keep it interesting just by watching me. They have a sense of adventure and a zest for life that will serve them well.


Stephanie said...

Looks great! Question. When you put your photo in, did it automatically center it?

Miranda said...

Thanks! I think it was centered, but I know I had to play around with the size and aspect ratio of the picture to get it small enough to fit right. All that was done in Photoshop, not with blogger. I also went into the html to see if I could get the description down low in the header and that worked. I might have done something with the image borders, like making them zero. I can't remember. HTH!

Flo said...

Love it!!

Ren said...

I really like the designe...and the thoughts.:)
I too, need new challenges and discoveries. Woven throughout all of the new, is that constant base of trust in our path.

zamozo said...

I've been trying to change my header too - without success so far.

BTW, Tag! You're it! See my blog for instructions - 8 things!

Tracy said...

Looks good. Love the photo!

Schuyler said...

I keep starting doing that, realizing I need to resize the picture and not getting beyond that. I really ought to just get eyond the whole resizing an image issue. It looks great!