Monday, June 04, 2007


I wanted to put a thank you here in the post section and not in the comments, since you all might not read the comments. Thank you to my friends who commented on my last post so far and to anyone who comes after this posting. I want to clarify that you should read that last post not with a tone of despair, but with one of dark humor, and sarcasm even. I'm not suicidal and I haven't given up. Writing that yesterday was a process for me, taking me from confusion and anger towards a better place of acceptance, for myself and for the world situation. If we can't laugh at the hopelessness and at ourselves, well, that would be bad, no? So, I feel better knowing I DON'T have to have it all figured out -and writing that yesterday helped me to see that - and that I am not alone, and that I helped someone else even a little bit by bringing my process here into the limelight. Love you all!

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