Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shameless Plug

Ok, so you know how we went to visit my friend Flo last weekend? Well, something happened while we were there that I had to share with you all. See, Flo has this Etsy shop where she sells these gorgeous blankets. We got to see the fruits of her labor and the fabrics and prototypes and even sleep in the room where she sews them. A took a liking to the blankets and wanted me to ask Flo how much they were, because she wanted to buy one. So, knowing the answer already, I told Flo that she had a potential customer. A had quite a lot of money from her allowance saved up and was ready to do the deal. We looked at all the available options, and A found her blanket. The colors, the soft furry/velvety minky fabric, the pocket where she can tuck her feet in, it was perfectly A. When Flo told her what she normally charges for the blanket, A did not even blink, "I'll take it!" Flo laughed and told her she was going to give her a deal and didn't she even want to hear the offer? So, they came to an agreement and the transaction was completed. A had her blanket and she is loving it as you can see from above. And I am so proud of my daughter. She just keeps growing up and surprising me with her confidence. So, this is a plug for my amazing kid AND a plug for Flo's Wrapsberry shop. Check it out, they are beautiful!


PeacefulGoddess said...

That is so "mature" she is a grow spirit.

Caroline said...

I just love when our chilren can get what they want on their own. It is such a warm fuzzy feeling, just like the feeling that A gets from that beautiful blanket. She looks soooo happy.

Flo said...

Aww, shucks, M. Thanks for the plug. I knew having a friend who was shameless would benefit me someday. ;)

A looks so happy and beautiful. Even though she got a deal, I'm still feeling like I owe her. That's a true negotiator! Love that kid.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blanket! And remembering back to A spending money...she doesn't just buy anything she comes across. She puts her whole heart into a decision. She must really love it!
And I really love the little animal faces that are surrounding her here! Especially what looks to be little Koala ears peeking from behind the pillow! LOL. And I love your random photo - priceless, priceless photo!
love ya