Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wild Weekend

We had a wonderful visit to my friend Flo and her family this past weekend. We drove down Friday without C. Just us girls. When we arrived, the girls needed to get reacquainted. That took about 4 nanoseconds. Flo and I needed to catch up. That took all weekend.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park was one of the fun things we did together Saturday, after picking C up from the airport, as he flew in with his own plane.

One of the first things we did there was feed the Lorikeets. Soooo cool! A declined to have them hop on her arm, stating that she did not want to be scratched. I tried it and their feet were remarkably soft!

E and Flo's daughter C are the best of buddies. They rarely got more than this distance apart all weekend!
See what I mean?

The conservation carousel was too cool to pass up. All the animals on it were endangered or threatened species.E was excited to try on C's dance outfits and learn some dance moves from her talented buddy.

Sunday, after Daddy flew back home, the rest of us went to the beach. This view greeted us on the walk down to the sand. I love this picture of A. Here the girls are trying to ride the boogie board like a surf board. They insisted that the surf really moved them, even though it looked like they were standing pretty still. They had fun trying!
Monday, before we drove home, we walked to the park and the town square and the girls took a spin around the fountain. Luckily no one fell in!
This picture tells a sad story. E was soo sad to have to leave she could not bear to join A and C in a last picture together before we left. So, the two other girls left a space in the picture for her.

We had a wild and fun weekend that was over far too soon. But we will be apart for only a short time. They are joining us at the Live and Learn Conference next month. Oh, joy of joys! Now, to work on my speech....Yikes!


Flo said...

Great pics, as usual. And yes, too short, as usual.

And about that speech- you'll be finishing it on the drive to the conference. I remember the homework that was finished in the backseat of the bus! You're not foolin' me.

Caroline said...

I love your pictures. The one of ther three girls on the beach is sooooo cute.