Friday, October 05, 2007

Reconciliation Day

Today has been set aside for us to make efforts to reconcile with someone or something in our lives. At church this past weekend we talked about this and we were asked to think about what we would work to reconcile. A told me that night that she wanted to do something for this. A few years ago, she and one of the boys in the Life Learners were "boyfriend and girlfriend" and the relationship did not end well. A wanted to apologize for her part in how it went and so she sent this boy, who has since moved away, an email telling him how sorry she was. She got a friendly reply and was so happy. She had debated with herself whether to send the email or not and was very glad she had done it. I was so proud of her for this. She came up with it on her own and wrote the email all by herself (asking me how to spell every other word, so I knew what it basically said). She blows me away sometimes! I mean she's eight years old and she can conceive and carry through with this reconciliation work? Amazing. I'm jealous. And humbled.

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