Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weekend in the Wild

This past weekend was our annual camping trip to Zion National Park with the Life Learners. There were six families total this year, our most yet! It made for a great big party all weekend. The weather was cool and refreshing (ok, a bit too cold and windy and cloudy) and the setting was as gorgeous as ever. We got to do some hiking, see some wildlife, hang out around the campfire with our friends, listen to live music in town (a friend's band) visit the elk, and shop for rocks and apple cider.
Home sweet home in the wild.

A little spider we saw on our first hike Friday afternoon after getting settled into the campsite. Ok, it was freaking huge (big as my hand) and we think it is a rose haired tarantula. Anybody know?My mountain goat in her element.My other mountain goat playing king of the hill.Snuggling by the campfire with Daddy.E and her friend B warming by the fire on a cold moring. Scenic Zion in bloom.
Flower girl #1.
Flower girl #2.
Hiking is easiest and best done with a buddy.
Moth friend came for the light of the lantern, but stayed for the love of a girl.
Communing with the elk in Springdale, UT.
One of our favorite rock shops.
The goods.
...and this is how we felt as we drove home, tired but happy for our weekend in the wild with friends.


Anonymous said...

yay! pictures! I just love pictures!

OrganicSister said...

Oh awesome pictures!! I want your camera!!

Flo said...

Brr! Looks too cold for my CA sensibilities. :)

Seems like GREAT fun!! Love the pictures.

Six Arrows said...

Wow- beautiful! One of these years I'll get to go, too!!