Monday, November 19, 2007

Extreme Sushi

Lately, E has had an interest in getting in the kitchen and creating her own culinary creations. She saw a little feature on Disney Channel about food from around the world and declared that she wanted to make sushi. Not having any of the required ingredients around, we improvised. Later at the grocery store, we found sushi rice and seaweed sheets - I already had rice vinegar at home - and pickles. Yes, pickles. This was E's idea and she would not be swayed with other more traditional sushi ingredients like cucumber or avocado. And no fish! So, as soon as we got home, she had me cooking and preparing the rice. Nevermind that we had gone out for lunch at an Asian buffet place and had eaten rice (and sushi, for me) aplenty that day! She wanted to make her own. And she did. After one bite she declared the seaweed too fishy. Oh well, at least she tried! Now that I have the seaweed and the rice, I am going to see about making some sushi that she might actually like. And we have a new sushi place just opening up the street, so we might go check that out one night. Look at all this learning and exploring going on, all from a 1 minute thing on the TV. Who says you can't learn anything from television?!?

p.s. don't miss the new video down below Sunday's post...

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