Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Road Ahead

A while back, I hinted at our future plans to move back east, closer to the land and family. It looks like we are getting firmer ideas of how that will work out. C has accepted a job back in the DC area and we are going to take it, as a stepping stone before the big life changes can occur. So, it looks like we will be moving around March, possibly into our old house that we rented when we lived there before. That would be so awesome! It was within close walking distance to the library and farmers market. It had a little back yard with a cherry tree, pear tree, and a lilac bush. I love lilacs! C could bike to work. The girls and I can haunt the Smithsonian museums now that they are old enough to really appreciate them. And we can travel north to visit my dad and look for land to buy for our next phase in life. I can't wait! It is all good.

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Flo said...

YAY!!!!! and BOO!!!!

We'll miss you but so happy for you.