Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sustainable Sunday

Sunday is a day for rest. A day for reflection. And a day for flexing our faith and hope muscles. You get the bad news on Wednesdays and the good news on Sundays. A friend pointed out that if I only give the bad news without the hope, nothing will change. People need to feel that what they do makes a difference or they won't do it. I figure the fear of the scary stuff motivates you to want to change, but the hope that it makes a difference gets you doing it. And makes you feel good, too. So, every Sunday, I will give you ideas of what you can do and share our experiences. And hopefully, I can give you some hope that it will make a difference.

I have to begin this adventure, by giving credit where credit is due. Last winter, I discovered the blog Casaubon's Book, by Sharon Astyk. She has played a major role in educating me about the state of the world and waking me up enough to begin making changes. Back in May, she began a weekly series of posts about changes that we can make. I have gotten a LOT out of these. So, for this first week I am pointing you in the direction of her first post:

The thing I like about what Sharon has to offer is that she takes the time to give you a deep analysis of the issue. She puts a lot of thought into her posts/articles. This does mean they can be long, but they are worth every word! The one linked above is actually very short and very easy to do. When I first read it I was frustrated because it was something that we already do around here. I was ready for more!! Ok, now go read the post and see if you are ahead of this game, like I was.

I am letting you off easy this week, since it is our first week doing this and all. Next week gets a little, ok alot, more intense. Mostly, I want to give you the scale of this effort. A glimpse of the BIG picture. Then we can come back down to baby steps and I'll hold your hand as we take them together.

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Flo said...

Oh, this is going to be fun!!