Friday, November 09, 2007


As soon as I post something about global warming, Google decides to put ads on my blog that are for "global warming skeptics". Go figure. I am not allowed to ask people to click on the ads on my site to help me make some money, but I figure I can ask you NOT to click on the ones that are so obviously trying to get you to doubt the science and therefore sit on your butt doing nothing. I am all for reading both sides of a debate to make up my own mind about something controversial. But if the debate is about the future of my planet and the kind of life I am leaving for my children and grandchildren, I am going to err on the side of caution! Who cares if global warming is man-made or a natural cycle of the earth? It's STILL GONNA SUCK. AND it is far from the only problem going on here on this pale blue dot. We would still have the destruction of biospheres, the depletion of natural resources, over-population, going past peak oil, etc, etc, etc. Ok, off the soapbox. If you care about what I stand for at all, don't click on the skeptic sites, ok?

And I thought the "home"schooling ads on a UNschooling blog were bad....

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