Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Longest Dark Night

I'm up in the wee hours of the morning/night on the longest night of the year, working on getting all the packing and prep for our trip back home for Christmas, and I thought I would send you all a Solstice salutation. I hope you find much joy in the return of the light, as I do! In recent years, we have gotten up very early to go watch the sun rise in a very beautiful place, but this year we felt it was going to be too cold. I will miss seeing the sun rise over the desert and getting some good photos. Speaking of photography, C got me a zoom lens for my Canon Rebel for Christmas! I know this because we opened all the gifts tonight for the Solstice, since we won't be here for Christmas morning. Yippee! I can't wait to play with it! I'm sure I will have some great photos on my other blog come the new year. This will most likely be my last post for a couple weeks, since we are going to be travelling and celebrating the holidays. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I'll see you next year!!

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Joanne said...

Hi Miranda...just wanted toi wish you and your family a happy holiday. :-)