Sunday, December 16, 2007


Time for change, as my blog design is so clearly proclaiming today. I have felt the need for a while now to change the title of this blog to better reflect what it is all about. I was inspired by an Amy Steinberg song, off her new album. The title is "Fall Down to Fly" and the lyrics are so great! I want to share them here and talk about what they mean to me and how it all relates to this blog.

I have to dig deep to live in doubt

My history shows everything works out

And though the mountain looks so high I got two feet so I can climb

I have to fight to find some fear

Beauty, she shows up everywhere

And though the mirror can be mean I got two eyes so I can see me

So I look a little bit harder at the lessons in my life

And I'll hang on when the rain comes and watch the oceans rise

And then I'll swim to the center where authentic joy resides

And then I'll fall down and thank that source that sent me here to fly

Fall down to fly

Sometimes you gotta fall down to fly

So, I'll trust a little bit deeper in those things that I don't know

And I'll watch real close as the world unfolds

I'll try my damnedest to let go

And I'll feel the wind as it carries me, carries me along

Through the valleys, through the deserts

To the song of another dawn, dawn of another song

Fall down to fly

You gotta fall down to fly

Fall down to fly

Pretty inspiring, huh? So, despite my bringing topics that are not exactly good news into the light here, I have to dig deep to find the fear and doubt. I have faith in my own two feet and eyes to find my way and see clearly what needs to be done. I can, and DO, thank that source that sent me here to fly. Unschooling my children, and myself, has taught me to trust and to let go.

For a while now, the focus on unschooling, in the title of this bog, has cramped my style. Don't get me wrong, I am every bit as devoted to living an unschooling life with my family. I just feel that I have moved beyond the shout it from the rooftops stage! Wearing our unschooling label on our sleeves has become less important than actually just living it. If I take the word out of the title - but not off the page, notice - I feel freer to talk about what is most pressing or inspiring or whatever, without the pressure to make it fit the "unschooling blog" category. I want this blog to be un-categorize-able! Hard to put a finger on, but true to me, to my family, and to our life.

So, if you enjoy the pictures, the family stories, the Wake Up Wednesdays and Sustainable Sundays, the impassioned rant/raves about unschooling, and the occasional plug for something cool, you are in good shape. Nothing about what I do here is going to go away or change. Only the framework within which I restrain myself has been changed to give me the freedom to write about what I want to write about. Yes, I made myself a bigger box, one with no glaring labels attached. This one, you are going to have to step inside to see what it is all about. Welcome to Fall Down to Fly!


Stephanie said...

I like! Looks great. :)

Flo said...

Nice colors. And now your readership will go up when everyone googles Amy's new song!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song! Lovely new blog layout! I like it, too!