Sunday, December 16, 2007

SS - Wrap it Up!

Keeping in line with our commitment to get rid of disposables this year, we have begun the shift away from paper to wrap the holiday gifts. All the paper thrown away every year!! Not only is it wasteful, but it costs you money to replace it each year. I had read about using fabric and had even received gifts in sewn bags from my SIL in years past. So, I hit the fabric store and got some holiday fabric on sale. In the picture above are three different ways to wrap your gifts. On the left is a simple wrap with a square of fabric, no hem even, and tied up with a bow. No sewing for that one, but I would not recommend that you use this method if you have to ship it or if you have curious little fingers in your house. The one in the middle is a sewn bag, complete with casing at the top for the ribbon closure. This one was made to fit a long tube, but I made it roomy enough that other sizes of gifts will fit in it in years to come. The one on the left is another fabric square, but this one is double sided. I sewed two complimentary fabrics together, right sides together, turned them right side out, and hand stitched the gap left to turn the fabric through. Then I laid the gift box on the fabric, on a diagonal, and then tied two points together to make the bow, tucking and folding the other points under the bow. I really like this one. It looks so elegant.

Of course, all this fabric will be saved for next year and the years to come, to be reused again and again. I plan to hit the fabric store after the season is over to take advantage of the clearance sales. I'll work on making a nice assortment of gift bags and wrapping squares for all our gifting needs in the future. Also, I plan to wrap the gifts I give other people the same way. I figure they might keep the bag for future reuse, like I did when my SIL wrapped her gift to us in fabric. Who knows, they might even be convinced to make the switch themselves?!


Makita said...

Wonderful idea! TFS

Sandra Dodd said...

We burn gift paper. We use it to start fires in the fireplace or the hot tub.

I've done fabric wrap lots of times, though, and thrift stores might be a good source for you--holiday table-cloths, Christmas-printed headscarves and handkerchiefs, etc. Sometimes with us the wrapping has been the gift (socks stuffed in one sock, or dishes wrapped in cloth napkins, or candles in a table cloth).

Oh yeah... TAG!

Miranda said...

Thanks for the thrift store tip, Sandra! Good idea. I do have a bunch of Christmas fabric I got when my mom died, that I have been sitting on for years. I might use that, but some of it I have to save to make the family stockings my mother designed if anyone has a baby.

Thanks for the tag, too. I will probably get to it after the holidays.

Tara said...

I plan on doing this as soon as I use up the stockpile of wrapping paper in our closet...and as soon as you teach me to sew. ;-)

We did recycle all our wrapping paper though!