Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cherry Blossoms and Kites

This past weekend, we went in to the district to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. It was the opening of the festival and the International Kite Festival, too so we killed too birds with one stone. Click on the picture above to see it full size and you can see the whole tidal basin. It will be like you were there with us! It felt like the whole world was there with us. So many people. All happily snapping photos of themselves and friends with the blossoms.

And flying kites, too. The wind was not great, but every so often it would pick up a bit and the whole sky would be flooded with kites.
The girls got to each make a little kite and try to fly them. It was fun, but we have ideas to make better kites and try them out one really windy day soon.


heymom said...

oooo...the cherry blossoms! Every year, my mom and dad would take us to see them! I have pictures of me at about 7 years old sitting on a low branch that my dad set me on to snap a quick shot. So lovely.

P@ said...

It really is quite pretty there. And, man, look at all those kites!!
Very cool.

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