Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here you go, Papa, the answer to our dilemma the other day:

From the website of VotePact.org:

The Problem:
Most voters don’t vote for—often don’t even consider voting
for—third parties because they view voting for a third party as helping the
establishment party they most dislike. Disenchanted Democrats continue to vote
for Democrats because they don’t want Republicans; disenchanted Republicans
continue to vote for Republicans because they don’t want Democrats.

—The Solution:
Disenchanted Republicans should pair up with
disenchanted Democrats and both vote for third party or independent candidates
they more genuinely want. This way they siphon off votes by twos from each of
the establishment parties. This liberates the voters to vote their actual
preference from among those on the ballot, rather than to just pick the “least
bad” of the two majors. They could each vote for different candidates, or they
could vote for the same candidate. If the later, it could offer an enterprising
candidate a path to actual electoral success.

So, I am officially on the lookout for a disenchanted Republican voter in the state of New York who would rather vote for someone else besides John McCain, but feels they need to vote for him to be sure the other guy does not win. I would like to form a vote pact with you for BOTH of us to vote third party, according to our conscious and principles. If I had not been woken up by Ron Paul this year, I would assuredly be voting for Obama, so your pact with me would be preventing a vote for him. How about it? Anyone?

If I don't find someone to have a vote pact with, I might vote for NOBODY. No, not not vote. Actually cast a ballot for nobody, a blank ballot. Imagine this: 100,000,000 voters fill the voting booths on election day, but the major candidates only receive 70,000,00 votes all together. What happened to those other 30,000,000 votes? They went to NOBODY! That would send a message, wouldn't it

Spread the word about this, people! I know some of you just have to be facing a vote of the lesser of two evils. Don't vote for evil, find someone to make a Votepact with. I'm just happy I found a way to not "waste my vote" AND vote my principles! So, who's game?

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Darlene said...

Hey beautiful lady I miss you!
I hope this does not make you cry. I think of you everyday and especially on Wed. LL day. I cry a bit, I am so happy you started LL and I miss your energy, your girls, Stephanie and her girls (they rarely come anymore) and all the inspiring talk on unschooling. Its a happy/miss you cry! I WILL be at the next Live and Learn conference and hopefully I will see you before.
I love you
Kisses and Hugs