Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When All Else Fails...

Sometimes all you can do is laugh! In light of today's defeat of the move by congress to destroy our dollar further, let's celebrate with a little lighter take on the matter:

I wanted also to share an amazing resource I ran across today. There is a website with a slide show that addresses the major challenges of the economy, peak oil and the environment in such a clear and elegant way, I had to watch the whole thing today. The website is http://www.chrismartenson.com/and I think you should grab a cuppa and go watch it right now. Ok, if it is after midnight as you read this, as it is here as I write this, you can wait til morning. It is a couple of hours long. I really liked the way he explained all the ins and outs of our economic system and how he tied it all together with the energy and environmental issues. To warn you, the last chapter about what to do now is not yet available. That was a bit frustrating, but as none of what I saw there was really new to me, I already have a plan of action. At least there are forums to discuss amongst ourselves until that last chapter gets up.

Enjoy the video above and go watch that slideshow!

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Tara said...

Ah hahaha That video was great. For some reason I can't get it to show on my blog. :( Oh well. It was great.