Friday, January 30, 2009


We did it! All our stuff is in NY, C is moved into his room in VA, the rental house is cleaned and ready to hand over to the landlords and I am done! Yipeeee!!!! Now only C will have to do that drive! ;-)

Now, the real work begins. I have to get off this computer and unload the UHaul trailer that brought the rest of the stuff up from VA. I have a basement full of boxes to unpack and a workroom, pantry and studio to set up down there. I have a garden to plan, a deck to design, radon remediation to get set up, chickens to research, acquire and build a coop for, fruit trees and bushes to plan and plant, an awesome compost system to build that will accommodate our future humanure additions, a dock to build and row boat to buy, a fire pit that needs benches, a new heating system to decide on and then install, a pile of wood that needs splitting and stacking. I have a house that is 75% set up, so the 25% left to do is easy to overlook, but still needs to be done. I have a head full of dreams, and a foot of snow on the ground preventing me from working on most of them.

Then there is the fun stuff. We have a new kitty to pick up from a family who can't keep her. We have old friends to get together with and new friends to find and enjoy. We have family to spend time with and cool things to get out and see or do here in town. We have our luge run to perfect and a pond to keep clear for skating. We have a tree house to design and we need to scout a tree to build it in. We have bikes that need paint jobs and tuneups for all the riding we are going to do this spring/summer/fall. We need to acquire a season pass for the local state parks, for hiking, picnics and swimming.

So, life is never done living and there is always something on that to do list. Time to go live it a bit...


TheOrganicSister said...

Wowzas. Hope you're keeping track of your To Do's. Make sure to blog as you go...with photos! I'm anxious to see how it's coming along!

Uh. What exactly is radon remediation?


Miranda said...

Radon is a radioactive gas that can build up to high levels and increase your risk for lung cancer. It happens in areas where there are radioactive rocks in the soil. We tested high for radon gas in the basement and we have to have a system put in that will suck it out for us. I have already had a guy come do an estimate and all, but have yet to schedule it to be done. He says it helps with moisture in basements, too, so my basement should be bone dry once the system is up and running. With no basements in NV, I guess you wouldn't know about radon.

Miranda said...

And, yes, Tara, I plan to blog about it all! With pictures.