Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Vision for the Future

You know how I am always posting links to things I think you should read and, when you do, you end up depressed because what I had to share was just so darn sad or horrifying or, well, depressing? Well, this time, I promise you'll be crying tears of joy, not despair! I have read a few books by Gene Logsdon and they have inspired me greatly. I found this property and could see it's potential because of what I read in The Contrary Farmer and The Pond Lovers. I have read a lot this past year about environmental destruction, economic collapse, energy depletion and other nasties, and I have shared a lot of it here. But what you have not seen here, has been the counterpoint to all the bad news. I have been mired in the negative at times, even though we were forging ahead with the plans to make a new future for ourselves. I have not had the inclination to share what we are doing in reaction to and to heal what is happening in the world today. Hell, I have not had the inclination to do much beyond dreaming...yet. But things are changing. I am letting go of the past and turning towards the future I want to create. The seasons are shifting towards Spring and the work that can be done when the Earth warms and Life returns.

If you are inclined to read about a vision for the future that I believe is very doable, check out the link above. I think we will need to have some idea of what we want to replace our current system with if it should come to an end. Better to have Plan B ready, than to have no idea of how to go forward. So, go read the story and come back and tell me what you think!

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Sandra Dodd said...

Holly was talking about you just yesterday. Look at the art she's done: t-shirt magic photo thing. She was musing about the possibility of going to visit you. Fantasy, but still... She likes you lots.