Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gorgeous Day

We had us some fine weather today! So we got outside and enjoyed the newly hung swing:
Let the cats out to play, too. This is our new kitty, Willa:

We set up the trampoline:

And jumped with wild abandon:

..and High School Musicalness:

We also managed to squeeze in brunch and a walk on the property at my Dad's, a visit to a CSA Fair to meet the farmers, held in the school where I went to sixth grade, and a spontaneous visit to the Ithaca Falls to watch fly fisherman in the creek, commune with nature along with a couple Tibetan monks, and build a few obos with the rocks. But I did not get pictures of those events.


Eli said...

I love days like that! Hiking in Red Rock today, wish you were here!

The rock said...

Miranda, finally connecting.. You have been in my thoughts all year and I still miss you. I moved back to Sweden this Christmas and just got a baby boy! You can find pictures at
Much love and hugs, Petra