Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My husband is the devil. Ok, he's not really, but when we go out to a store, he makes me buy things, even if I am just planning to window shop or do research on something I am planning to buy. So, the other day we went to the local Agway store because I wanted to look at pet food options and see if they had cages for rabbits and check in on the baby chicken situation. And I walked out of there with a brand new chainsaw, and an order placed for 6 baby Rhode Island Red chickens, due in April 7th! Ack! I am really going to be a chicken herder, or poultry farmer, or whatever you call someone with chickens! See, I was planning to get chickens this year, really, I was. I just had not finished doing my research on it, and had not designed a coop or tractor for them, and I had not looked into how I was going to feed them or learned all the stuff there is to learn about raising chickens, and, and, and.... My dear sweet husband saw the books and magazines about chickens laying around, and heard me talk about where to put the coop and whether to eat our layers or raise broilers, and he assumed that I wanted to actually own real, live, clucking, pooping, egg laying Chickens. I mean, really. Where did he ever get an idea like that?

Anyway, because my husband is the shopping devil, I now have exactly 27 days to get my act in gear and be ready for the little peepers. 27.

Thanks, C.

p.s. Really, I am happy I am married to the devil. How else would I ever get anything I say I want to do done?


Eli said...

No doubt you are made for each other!

Sissie said...

I know the feeling!!!!
I am a planner (ad nauseum) my dh a DOer. I have learned to be careful not to mention something in passing to him because he will take action!
It's perfect, really!!!:)
Good luck with the Chickens!

Sandra Dodd said...

The chainsaw sounds good! Keith got one just a few days ago!

TheOrganicSister said...

Great! Now I can follow along your chicken (mis?)adventures! I don't think we'll be able to get any in this house, with these laws and these neighbors. But someday!!