Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Things

I only have time for a few notes today. We are starting to get ready for A's birthday this week and I also have to try to fit in some insulation installation in the basement under the new radiant heat system. Birthday is my priority, but it is starting to get cold here, so....

First up, the CEO of Google said in an interview (go to about the 14 min mark) that education needs to be about knowing what questions to ask and how to find the information, not cramming facts into little heads. I agree! He said we needed to teach curiosity, but I think we are born curious. We need to not squash it!

And, no matter where you stand on the climate change debate, changing how we live on this planet is needed, for a multitude of other reasons. Sharon Astyk, over on Casaubon's Book ,has a new post that addresses this issue, which I enjoyed very much.

That's all folks!

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