Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ice Skating

The local homeschoolers have arranged with one of the skating rinks here in town to have a special season rate during one skate session on Wednesdays. Which means we can go ice skating every week from the end of October till the middle of March for one low price. Which is awesome and fun. Which we love.

Today was no exception. Here are a few videos I grabbed at the last minute, because I was having too much fun either skating, or chatting with friends, or both, to get my camera out! The rink looks pretty deserted, but there were a lot of kids out there before I got the camera.
Here is A showing her mad skills. I said do something and she said watch me go really fast:

This one is E showing her stuff:

And finally, E caught me practicing my spins:

My goal is to spin on one foot by the end of the winter. Considering that I am totally making it up as I go along, it could be a while. But I am making progress, so....

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