Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I'm SO Not Ready

I cannot believe there are only 16 days till Christmas! I am not ready this year. I thought last year was bad with the moving, but this year we are immersed in getting this house weatherized for the winter. I stole time away from those projects to focus on A's birthday party, but I just don't have any holiday spirit yet. OK, I have a few gifts arranged and planned, but not like I have in the past. When we were settled in Las Vegas, and I had no major house projects going on, I would pull out my Christmas folder on November 1st to start planning. Here it is December 9th and I am still not sure what I am doing for the girls. C actually already has his gifts bought! Looks like we are switching roles this year. Oh well, we are going to get our tree this weekend, so that should help.
How about you? Are you ready for Christmas?


Sandra Dodd said...

You're the first one to tell me how many more days. Yikes.

Well this year is a lazy Christmas year for me. Kirby's in Austin but I've already had his gifts delivered there (two more might be carried with a friend, but I won't mail them). Holly's in England with Julie Daniel's family, and as they have a four-year-old I'm sure she'll experience a big English Christmas.

Back home it's cold and just me, Keith and Marty who's 20. I'm not going to do a tree this year. I'm saving my energy for the Santa Fe Symposium in January, and trees take a day of set up and a day of take-down, so I'm opting out.

Marty wanted drums and as there are no other kids to say "not fair," I just got him some drums one day and he already has them. There will be other gifts, and when Marty wakes up that day we can open them.

I could tell high-pressure Christmas stories of years past,with screen-printed, embossed and hand painted Christmas cards (oh and I had done the calligraphy, too), but that never happened after we had two children, and when we had three there were a couple of years when the Christmas cards never got mailed.

But you have younger children and a newish house and I bet you'll have an awesome, jingly, sparkly Christmas!

FLO said...

16 days? Really? Oh, my.

We hung a wreath on the door yesterday and we have plans for getting two small trees this weekend. One each for the girls and their individual gifts. Keeping the gift-giving even more streamlined this year. Marc and I have already chosen one gift but we're still pondering over the girls.

Juliet has requested that her grandparents come to our house this year so that will be a first! Suppose I should get that invitation out there, huh? :)

Today I was hoping to get started on some handmade decorations and some other ideas so off I go. Looking forward to hearing about your holiday!

Tara said...

Well, we've decorated and we got my present because it was on consignment and we didn't want to risk losing it. Still have to get Justin's (which he'll likely pick out) and Z's. And hopefully I wont forget the Xmas letter this year like I did last year. I think I may send last years with this years. ;)

Frank said...

I'm always ready for Christmas! Whether I'm prepared or not is a different question. The answer to that question is - NOT!

But we are mailing out-of-town stuff today. That's a milestone.

Sabrina said...

I am completely behind...even more so than years past. But being superbly organized never has been modus operandi. I'm still holding out hope that I'll get it together one of these years.

Annette said...

Kind of ready...we won't decorate until after Summer's b/day on the 12th. Gifts mostly bought and delivered. When Cary gets back on the 18th we'll get involved with a charity here and do something with them. Haven't even thought about food for christmas, but I haven't had a chance to talk with Cary about what he would like. I'd be happy feasting on mangos all day. Christmas cards might get written, or not. Enjoy!