Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Snowy Chicks

The other day when it snowed for the first time was also the first time our chickens had ever seen snow. They were quite freaked out at first. We saw that they were hiding under the patio table, so A and I went out to escort them back to their winter house - basically the tractor surrounded by straw bales - so they could get out of the falling snow. So, A picked up one and headed to the garden where their house is. The other two ran after her and as soon as they felt the snow on their feet, they calmed down. A let her chicken down and they all proceeded to go about exploring this strange white stuff. Here they are in the garden:
Beatrice and Henrietta, with snow covered backs and puzzled looks:

The snow is mostly melted now, but more is coming. I wonder how they will react to two feet of snow! They might decide to just stay inside!


heymom said...

hehehe!!!Silly girls!

Tara said...

geez. and here i am worrying about my chickens because it's 40 degrees and raining. :/