Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Chickens

Until this past week, we have had snow covering the ground, so the chickens have been staying in their winter straw bale house that I built around their tractor. But the other day, it was pleasant enough and the ground was bare enough to let them out to play. Boy, were they happy girls! See for yourself:



heymom said...

Oh, happy girls!!

Silvia said...

Lovely hens! Ours were happy too, till it started snowing last night. I'm not sure it's even stopped yet! Our girls aren't very adventurous in the snow. LOL

Stephanie said...


Miranda said...

Hey, Steph, do I see chickens in your future? How about Skittles and Roxy when Tara goes on the road?
Silvia, neither are mine! The other day Henrietta got stuck in a squall and she was freaked out!