Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Perfect Ice

In the summer, you make hay while the sun shines. Well, in the winter, you skate when the ice is perfect. And perfect it is right now around here. Have a look:

That sqiggley line is the mark my blades made as I spun. The girls and I had a nice time skating in the sun yesterday. C won't even come on the ice very far. Ice is dangerous, he tells us. Yeah, in Alabama it is. But when you have nights that go below zero and it stays below freezing for weeks at a time, the ice gets thick enough to hold a car. So, we walk on water, for a few shorts weeks of the year. And when the fates allow and the planets align and the ice is hard and smooth and perfect, we skate:

Even the cats got in on the action:

You can see the remnants of the luge run in that photo above. Now that the pond is clear, part of me does not want it to snow, so that I do not have to clear the ice to skate, and part of me wants more snow to be able to sled and build the luge run. Oh well, it is fun either way!

Hey locals! Anybody want to come skate? The pond is open!


Sabrina said...

I want to come skate!! There are few things as magical as skating underneath a blue sky or starry night. Enjoy...

Heather said...

Sadly our ice has melted though we got in several weeks, and may yet before the season is over. (Ice skating photos here though I have talked about it on my blog: http://www.flickr.com/photos/77214970@N00/sets/72157623118897807/) Iceskating on the pond is wonderful and magical and despite several falls (son hit his head several times in one day-- yuck) it is wonderful. Especially when the snow stops and we get a few good cold nights and slightly warm days to make the ice nice and smooth.