Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Under the Weather

Today is our ice skating day, but we are not going to go because we are all feeling a bit sick. Stuffy noses, post nasal drips and sore throats. We need a day to rest because I don't want to miss out on our unschooling park day tomorrow. But we would miss it if we have to because I really don't want A to miss the first day of a new ballet class she is signed up for on Saturday. She is very excited about this class!

I really don't like being sick. I think it has to do with being out of control of my schedule. When I feel like taking a day off, I do. When I want to push it up and get a lot done, I do. But when I am sick and I would rather go and do, I can't and that frustrates me. The freedom of our lifestyle leads to extra frustration for us when we lose some of that freedom. But, I know it is better than being a slave to a different lifestyle, and having no freedom at all. I'd rather whine about being limited by a good and right reason like sickness, than whine about how my life is not mine, not really. It is all relative.


heymom said...

get better soon.

Sabrina said...

Yes, I hope you all are feeling better! We've had our share of illness here and have been house-bound for way too many days in a row. No fun to have that feeling of freedom cut short.