Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Don't Have a Title

Well, we got a few inches of snow last night. Unfortunately, as I was clearing the driveway this morning after chicken chores, I remembered that we really should be getting ready to leave for UWWG next week, and so either building the luge or clearing the ice again really shouldn't be on my list. I am happy to be going to hang with my tribe at UWWG, but I do feel grumpy about it throwing a monkey wrench in our winter play plans. Winter can seem so long and cold, but if your focus is on the fun stuff, it goes by so quickly! I find it much better to wish for snow and cold all winter long, because that means sledding and skating and fun, than to wish for the warmth to return. Since we have just passed the halfway mark of winter, it is all down hill from here. No groundhogs around here saw their shadows yesterday either. I just hope we can squeeze a little more fun into the winter after we get back from Ohio.

Another frustration I have is the state of my house. Last night, I did manage to rearrange the book shelves in the living room and get some of the books off the floor. Some of the shelves will need to go back in the dining room when it is done, but some of them are being moved out of the dining room, so I went ahead and set them up. But, anyway, the frustration comes from feeling like I can't have people over, not from the mess itself. Lord knows I can live with a mess. I just want to be able to ask friends to come skate or have a pizza night with my family, but with a dining room out of commission and a crammed living room, I really can't. Or maybe I could, but I don't feel like I should. The good news is that since Studio Night is held in my basement, and that is in good shape, I can host that this weekend. Oh, well, this too shall pass and I will be back in the entertaining mode.

I also wanted to be sure to tell you that the next week and a half is going to be busy, what with getting ready to go to UWWG and then, actually being at UWWG, and then recovering from UWWG. So, you might not hear from me much here on the ol' blog. I've noticed that when C is home, I really don't have it in me to take time away from being with him to write here. So, I still like the post every day method, but maybe it will end up being post every day my husband is not here. Basically, if you don't hear from me for a few days, chances are I am just off spending time with my family and enjoying life. No worries!

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Anonymous said...

Here in the south I would love to have snow for a day or two. My kids have never gone sledding or ice skating. I would love for them to experience it.

I understand your feelings about the house, I have not been able to use my kitchen drawers for a year now. I told dh that I wanted the kitchen fixed for Valentine's Day.