Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Arrivals

Look who is here:

We got to pick up our new baby chickens yesterday! They were supposed to come in today, but we got a call from the feed store letting us know we could come get them. This was great because we had some friends visiting and they were excited to be able to welcome the babies with us.

This is J and C, holding one of the Golden Comet chicks:And here is A with a Golden Comet in front of E showing J how to hold one of the Speckled Sussex:

Happy day!


Anonymous said...

Mollie told me that had arrived! Yay! I just love to hear of your little chicken adventures!

Tara W. said...

so cute! we got to pick up a box of 102 chicks a couple weeks ago. it was so much fun to hear them chirping from the parking lot!!