Sunday, March 27, 2011

48 Hours

Two days from now, we will be winging it across the country on our first leg of the flight to Australia, hopefully. Why hopefully? Well, the latest snafu is that we are short one passport. Mine. After failing to do it right, twice, the State Depatment is going to get a visit from my husband tomorrow morning when their doors open and he is going to sit there until they get it right. We have been told it is all done and ready to go, but it never made it to C's office last week like it was supposed to do. We'll see.... So, please send us all the prayers, positive passport vibes, good juju, and any other make-it-happen-energy you can muster, so we can get on that plane Tuesday evening. Thank you. *****UPDATE***** We have passports! Alice Springs here we come!!!!


~Tara said...

Gah! So sorry you are in the midst of that frustration.

Sending you all the good passport juju I can muster. And lots and lots of love. I wish we were able to see you last year like we had hoped.

Love you, Miranda. (((hugs)))

Diana said...

Lots of positive thoughts and good juju for you all!

What an intense, transitional time this is. I look forward to reading more of your adventures as you get settled into life there. Funny to thing you're heading from winter to autumn.

Flo said...

Yippee! You're off! So excited and happy for you. Big hugs to every one of you.

Love the new header; love that spot. <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Travels!!!!

Annette said...

you beaut mate! (I hope you brushed up on some Aussie slang before you left.)
There is a convoy of unschoolers from Brisbane going on a 3 month road trip. They're going west from Brissy, out to The Alice & Uluru, up to Darwin, across the top and back down the east coast. So, you're going to have a bunch of other USers in your neck of the woods mid May!! I'm not sure if we're going on the whole road trip with them, or if we'll join them for part of it. We need to get another vehicle if we're going for the whole thing. If we don't go for the whole thing, we might fly out to Alice while they're there and catch up with you and them. Email me when you get settled and send your phone number so I can call you!

Caravan Designs said...

Eagerly awaiting the next update. Checked Craigslist AUS, nothing listed for Alice Springs.