Friday, April 01, 2011

The Alice

Here we are on our first full day in Alice Springs. We arrived at noon yesterday and were picked up by our sponsors at the airport. They took us right to our house and showed us around. Then we had a little time to ourselves to settle in a bit and explore the house, unpack some of our APO boxes, and freshen up after our 27 hours of travel. Thank goodness for business class on the flight over. It was heaven. I didn't want to land! Anyway, later in the afternoon, we went over to our sponsors' house for dinner. Since we were all so wiped out from the trip, we did not last long and had them take us home before dark. E was in her bed asleep by 7pm, with the rest of us not far behind. I was wide awake by 2 am, but I managed to sleep a little more until 5:30. After that, there was no point in trying to sleep any longer, so I got up and got a shower. We scrounged a breakfast together and then I got out and drove our car for the first time. I managed to get us to the grocery store without running into any oncoming traffic! Fun. We got some groceries and came home to put them away and have some lunch. Now we are hanging out at our sponsors, checking email and waiting on the men to get home from work so we can go do dinner out and then we are going to go feed the wallabys. I'll get pictures and try to get them posted soon. Please be patient with me until we get our internet set up and I can take my time getting stuff posted.


Diana said...

The adventure begins! Glad that you arrived safely and that it was a pleasant journey! I'm eagerly awaiting more.

heymom said...

Glad you had a moment to post! I look forward to hearing more when you get a chance.