Thursday, April 14, 2011

Golden Orb

While out shopping the other day, we spotted something amazing above us on the grape arbor. Can you see it?

Here, a closer look:

That there is a Golden Orb spider and she was huge and gorgeous. We have heard about the Huntsman spiders that are even bigger and fuzzy like a Tarantula, but have yet to see one. Not sure I am eager to, to tell the truth! In the airport in Sydney, they had a big poster on the wall that showed the 1000 spider species in Australia. We did not have time to stop and look and A was probably happy to pass it on by. She does seem less phobic about the spiders lately. Good timing, I'd say, now that we are here!


Diana said...


heymom said...

I think I'm with A. I know spiders are important but, they creep me out!

Flo said...

Freaks me out! Cool but gah!