Friday, April 22, 2011

Lizards and Geckos and Spiders, Oh My!

More wildlife has been spotted. This guy was sitting on a rock in our front yard just sunning himself.

A identified him as a Bearded Dragon. E got within a couple of feet to get this picture. He just sat there.
Most nights, if you go in the girls bathroom and turn the light on, a little Gecko or two come to catch bugs attracted to the light through the window. The picture is not great because it was taken from inside the bathroom thru the wavy glass. But, the cuteness shines through! I mean look at those toes!

E just looooves her reptiles. This is one of the geckos outside during the day. Usually we don't see them then, but I was separating some flower pots out on the porch to do some planting and this little guy was hiding in one of them.

And last and most hair-raising of all sightings, was this:

A and I were at the garden center looking at plants, and she was squatting down by this urn, looking at some cacti. She turns her head and hello! Redback Spider, one foot from her head. Mama spider was very busy with her huge egg sack and was no threat to us, but still!

A's reaction? "I thought they were bigger." Someone is outgrowing her phobia, for sure. She couldn't even look at the Black Widows in Vegas.


my many colored hats said...

This is a great blog! These are definitely little critters I worry about!

Miranda said...

Thanks! I was worried about the poisonous guys, too, but now that we are here, the threat does not seem so scary. That was the only redback we have seen so far. We learned at the reptile center that out of thousands of deaths from snakebite around the world each year, AU only has two. The teeth are sooo tiny, if you wear pants they can't even bite through them! It puts it all in perspective.