Sunday, April 03, 2011

Joey Licked Me!

Last night, our sponsors took us to see the local wallabies that come down the mountain to be fed. That was the coolest experience ever! I don't know of any place that let's you feed wild animals like this in America. The wallabies were so tame, you could pet them: A looking like a wallaby herself:

The cutest thing ever was when a joey poked out of the pouch of it's mama:

This joey was the one that licked my finger when I went to pet him! He was so cute! We loved petting the wallabies because they have very soft fur. They would grab your hand when you held out the food for them. And they chewed it very thoroughly before getting more.

I can't wait to take our visitors to feed the wallabies!!


Flo said...

A must be beside herself! So cute!

Diana said...

Wow...what a cool first week experience!

Darlene Navarre said...

wow I am so jealous that looks so fun!

Sandra Dodd said...

Beautiful. Thanks for describing that and sharing photos. I'm glad you're having fun there and that I can peek over your shoulder at a distance!