Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Few Pictures

This is the freaking HUMONGOUS plane we flew over in, the A380. The girls had the window seat right about over the last 'a' in Australia on the top deck. C and I were in the center next to them. There was so much room to move around, I could walk over and look out the girls window if I wanted to! With their seats in full recline even! A and E having their breakfast at about 5:30 am Sydney time, pitch dark and about 13 hours into the flight. Note the Quantas PJs they gave us. Too cute with a kangaroo on the shirt and very comfy!Sunrise over the East coast of Australia. The flight took us over the land, down the coast to Sydney. I thought we would be over water until we got there, but we came inland quite a bit. Maybe the flight path out of the country is straight out over the water.This is C and me all happy to be together and about to land in Oz:A took this one out the window on our descent into Alice. So green! They have had a lot of rain this summer and the desert has come alive. But in addition to all the grass, the area has so many trees, I guess it is pretty green even in a dry year. Much nicer than the Las Vegas desert! A said it made her think we were in Africa on the savannah. I feel like I am living in Zion National Park, with the green and the red rock all around.

You know you are in the tropics when this is the kind of bird you see out in your palm tree every morning! It is called a Galah and there are whole flocks of them sitting on the ground in the park by our house, just eating the grass. It is so weird having pet store birds living in my backyard!

OK, no wallabys yet. That will be tonight. We now have an internet connection dongle thingy for my computer, so expect to see more of me around here as I document our time here. Loving it so far!


Annette said...

What class were you flying on Qantas? I've only been to The Alice once before and it sure wasn't that green then. Galah's are common in a lot of Australia. If you hear a person called a Galah, it means that they are not very smart.
Have fun exploring!

Annette said...

I just read your earlier post and saw that you were in business class. Sweeeet! And you already have a house and car! Wow!

Diana said...

It looks really beautiful!

Keely said...

Yea!!! So glad to see you are all safe and happy and beginning to settle in. Love you all!