Saturday, October 22, 2005

Freaky Friday

We had our Lifelearner event today. We were supposed to be working on the Haunted House we have planned to do for our Halloween party, but little got done. The kids seemed very intensely to need to play, with short breaks to talk scary plans. I was a bit distracted today for some reason and could not focus too well on it all, so we just let it be what it was and had fun. We had four families join us and the kids had a great, if loud and crazy, time playing together. They spent a lot of time throwing these gooey eyeballs and a spider/octopus thing up to the ceiling or high on the walls and waiting for them to fall back down after they unstuck. By the end of the day, the two eyeballs were stuck very high up on the wall and did not come down! The dad of the host family is a tall guy, so I assume he got them down when he got home! The haunted house will be here at our house and we will be getting together here this Friday to put it together. I figure even if the kids play that day and don't help too much, they will still have the memories of it all and us parents can have fun doing it. It is all good.

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