Friday, October 21, 2005


That would describe A's appetite for words. She actually asks me if she can try to spell a word, "Mama, can I try to spell lion?" Uh, sure thing. "L. I. O. N." You are correct, girl! It is absolutely amazing to watch her learn to read. Her mind does not take a break anymore. Everything she can read, she does, and everytime she sees something to ask about, she does. She sat in the movie theater tonight reading outloud anything she could recognize on the screen during the previews. Very cool.

We had a good day today. This morning we looked through catalogs and cut out everything we wanted. I focused on Christmas gifts for the girls and my nieces and nephews, and also a pile of stuff that I figure we can acquire over time. I noticed something while looking through these catalogs. What was interesting was that the pages labeled educational had all the alphabet and number stuff, and sometimes geography. The rest of the pages' labels were things like exploration, dramatic play, crafts, or discovery. But the numbers and letters stuff all used the words learning or educational. Now, I ask you, what isn't educational? Everything offered for sale in these catalogs could be learned from. Why is it only the stuff related to reading or math that gets labeled learning toys? With such a narrow definition of learning, it is a wonder we make kids go to school past the time they learn to read and do simple math.

Anyway, we needed to get some food in this house, so we did some grocery shopping after lunch. The girls were great shoppers today, helping me pick out produce and not running amok too much. They wanted to look at the lobsters, but the tank was empty, so they collected coupons from those automatic coupon dispenser thingies instead. We picked out some candy from the Halloween stuff to sneak into the movie tonight, along with some home-popped popcorn as well.

After C got home, we headed out to pick up their friend M and then go see the Wallace and Gromit movie. It was very cute and the three of them giggled together all through the movie. The credits had some hilarious rabbits that they howled with laughter at, so we stayed till the end to be sure we did not miss a single bunny. Of course, on the way home E cried that she missed M, but cheered up a bit when I reminded her that we will see M tomorrow. She is having trouble remembering what tomorrow, yesterday, etc mean, so I had to clarify that after we woke up and then after lunch we would get to see M again. Thank goodness it was tomorrow and not next week!

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