Sunday, October 23, 2005


Today was a nice day. I had set up a massage for myself and one for C as a surprise. He was happy to hear that I had done that as he admitted he would not have done it on his own. This morning we got a few things done in the yard and just hung out. Then we all got ready and headed out to drop me off for my massage. C took the girls to Target to exchange E's Smoochie Pup for one that worked and to browse the toy aisle. Then we swapped. He went in for his massage and the girls and I went over to TJMaxx to see what we could find. We hit the toy section and we found a lot of good stuff, some I bought and some the girls bought. I got them a floor puzzle of an undersea scene with a ton of animals on it, a small set of geomags, and a frog habitat. The frogs will be delivered, tadpoles actually, and we can watch them develop into frogs. E got a princess cell phone and a tule skirt that has flower petals and beads inside the layers of tule. A was saving her money for a computer game (Barbie Pet Rescue), so she only got an outfit for a doll for 2 bucks. We went back to pick up Daddy, who very much enjoyed his pampering, and then went out to dinner.

They enjoyed doing the puzzle with C once we got home. I opened the frog habitat to see what it involved. There is a certificate to send away for the tadpoles and we only get one, unless we want to pay a little more and get two. I'll have to think about that. A has wanted to get one of these frog things ever since we watched our neighbors fish and frog last year. This will not be like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and then you set it free. You get a frog who will live for a while, up to five years. I guess I just got us another pet! A came into the family room where we were watching tv with the frog home. She had filled it with her plastic frogs and said, "Look, we have frogs!" I guess she's excited to get the real ones, because she played with the plastic ones all evening, even bathing them while listening to HP and taking them to bed with her.

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