Monday, October 24, 2005

Lost Tooth #3

Another lovely day. This morning, after breakfast, A wanted me to do the puzzle we got yesterday with her, so we sat on the floor of the library and put it together. C and E sat with us and played their own game. Then when we were done with the puzzle, A got out another one and C helped her do that one while E and I played with the geomags. It was a nice family time together.

After that, C and I got dressed to do some work around the house. We needed to get the pool folded up and put in the garage, but a space needed to be made in the garage for it first. We worked in the garage and the backyard while the girls played around us. Our neighbor came over and said that she was doing some cleaning out of her daughter's stuff and asked if we wanted to go through it to see if we would like any of it. We went over and checked it out. The girls picked out some games and books and puzzles. We also got some dress up clothes and a hair wrap maker and a laptop-like learning game thingy. A good haul, overall.

We had some lunch and then I went out in back to plant some lavender plants I got a few weekends ago. A helped for a while until a neighbor friend came over to play, then she and E played with her all afternoon and evening. C had invited a friend from work to come over for pizza so we got cleaned up for that. We had a nice evening of eating and playing with friends. C's friend kicked the soccer ball around with the girls, including the neighbor friend, for a while before it got dark and then we lit a fire in the firepit and sat around chatting and poking the fire. It was a beautiful night, just cool enough to have the fire feel good, but not too cool. We went inside after a while and E put on a karaoke show for our guest. A joined in when we put in the Phantom of the Opera CD.

After everyone went home, they wound down with a little TV until reading time and bed. While laying down with them, A pulled out a loose tooth. She got up to show daddy and they wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy since A wants to keep her baby teeth, instead of the Tooth Fairy taking them. That makes tooth number three. E keeps asking when she will lose a tooth. Maybe now that she is five, it will happen soon.

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