Saturday, November 26, 2005

30 Days till Christmas

And my shopping is done! That's a record for sure. Ok, so I have a bunch of baking and picture taking and decorating and letter writing left to do, but the gifts are done and boy does that feel nice. Our day today was very quiet after our fun filled packed day yesterday. The girls spent a lot of time playing with Daddy. A and I did play Connect Four a few times and she beat me at least once. One of the tadpoles died and the girls put on latex gloves and poked and explored him for a bit. They want to let him dry out, so he is laying on a paper plate. The other one seems to be doing ok, we'll see if he makes it through his transformation. I hit the grocery store and was sure to pick up some chocolate for the "elves" to place in the advent calendar each day. I am prepared to deal with A asking about Santa this year. I will read her the Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus letter and hope that it satisfies. I want to keep all the magic, no matter the "reality" of Santa's existence. Can you tell I have Christmas on the brain?

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