Sunday, November 27, 2005


Now that Thanksgiving is over, we have shifted into Christmas mode over here, kicked off by a trip to Jo-Ann's to get a few things on my list including two little trees with lights to flank my front door. A few of the boxes came down from the high shelves in the garage and were opened to see what we could find. Our advent calendar was dragged out by the girls and they had fun re-acquainting themselves with it.

I whipped up some Santa hats for the girls to wear while I took their picture for an idea I had. I sent the picture to this website that turns your pictures into real postage stamps. I plan to use them on our Holiday letters. A would not cooperate and smile, but I managed to get a decent picture anyway. It will be so small on the stamp, I really shouldn't have worried about it and tried so hard to get her to smile. She was not happy with the pictures afterwards, but not unhappy enough to want to do more pictures.

While I went through some Christmas decorations and stuff in my office, the girls played on my computer at this really cute website, They have lots of fun games and stuff. E printed out a sheet of Christmas ornaments to color and cut out, which she did. They got into the bag of crafts that I had left over from last years' holiday party with the Life Learners, and made themselves each a charm bracelet. Well, E made hers a necklace and wore it for the picture.

My plan for the month of December is to do something Christmas-y each day of the month until the big day. I got a ovenbake clay kit for making ornaments today and that would be one day's event. Other things include the ice skating party we are invited to, going to see the Nutcracker ballet, baking cookies, decorating some part of the house, reading Christmas books, and making ornaments to send to family. I hope I can keep it up! I figure it will spread out the joy and ease my load as well.

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